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Tricks for Work From Home Jobs Online without Investment

There are many work from home jobs only that can you find. but lot of online work are added by scammers they asking prework money for registration.

we done research for genieune online jobs that can do at home

here is Top website that are genuine work from home without Investment


This website pays you on transcribing speech to text. Depending on the job you apply for and the projects you claim, you can expect to make anywhere from $0.30 to $1.10 per audio/video minute as a transcriptionist or captioner at Rev. However, the time it takes to complete an audio/video minute will vary depending on the difficulty of the project and your typing speed.



TranscribeMe will hire you as a part-time transcriber if you pass the entrance test.

This is an independent contractor role; therefore, it allows you to choose your own hours and work whenever it is most convenient for you.

TranscribeMe has its own task platform as well as a social network where you can interact with other workers from all around the world.

This is an excellent location to ask questions and learn more as a freelance transcriber.



Picoworkers, is a micro-task site that will pay you for completing short tasks. All you have to do isĀ sign-up for an account and then perform small tasks in exchange for money. It’s a lot like Jobboy.

Well, you could work full-time, 2,080 hours a year, for $485 an hour. That’d be a million dollars in slightly less than a year. But unless you’re some kind of super-famous lawyer, it can be hard to find people willing to pay you $485 an hour.



There is no doubt that Microworkers is a great way to make money online.

The platform allows users from all over the world to complete short tasks and earn money for their efforts.

This makes it an ideal option for students, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else who wants to make some extra cash.

What’s more, there are a variety of tasks available on the site, so users can find something that matches their skills and interests.



Therse are freelancing website that gives you easy data entry, copy paste contract jobs.

A data entry operator can earn up to one thousand rupees per day, by investing 4-5 hours a day. These jobs are best as part-time jobs. You just need to have basic typing skills, a computer, a good internet connection, a bank account, an e-mail ID, and a desire to earn.

Conclusion – Upwork and Fiverr have hard competition to get work. but rev, Transcribeme,Microworkers,Picoworkers is easy to get job. at last these website dont need investment



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