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Bank NIFTY Nov 22 Futures Technical Analysis

The inventory marketplace has witnessed a few stupendous rally withinside the beyond series, making the festives greater colourful for the bulls.

Nifty rollovers visible at 76% this series, consistent with the preceding month, however underneath the three months average, and as in step with alternative chain evaluation the month-to-month expiry PE writers are energetic at 17000CE – ordinary 60 thousand contracts, accompanied through 17500PE – maximum clean additions of eight thousand contracts visible. CE writers make their manner at 18000CE/19000/19500 strikes – ordinary over 30 thousand contracts each, with max clean publicity visible at 19500CE as well.

On weekly expiry, PE writers actively introduced their positions of greater than a lakh contracts at 17700PE, with CE writers publicity of once more greater than a lakh at 17800/18000/18200CE levels. PCR OI at 17700 now being a great deal better than 1, is a totally tremendous signal for the bulls.

Thus the records pointers at the variety in among 17600-18300 for the series.

Option strategy for Nifty monthly expiry:

  1. 1. Bull Call Spread: Buy 17800CE and sell 18200CE.
  1. 2. Long Straddle at 17800. Straddle strategy involves buying of CE and PE of the same strike and of the same expiry.

Nifty Bank Analysis

After trying a rally toward all-time highs, Nifty Bank nonetheless seems to preserve up the momentum up and walking for the bulls. The rolls are at 77%, that’s underneath the beyond three months common and the month-to-month expiry alternative chain displays on PE writers being energetic at 40000/41000 strikes – usual sixteen thousand and 14 thousand contracts respectively. CE writers brought sturdy exposures at 42000, observed via way of means of 43000 strikes. The weekly basis, displays on PE writers constructing positions at 41000 strike – usual extra than 70 thousand contracts, with CE writers including publicity at 41500 strike- extra than a lakh contracts, observed via way of means of 42000/43500 strikes – usual additions of extra than eighty thousand contracts each, which displays at the instantaneously help at 41000 zones for the Index, with prolonged objectives of 43300.

Thus the data hints on the downside being well capped at 40000 zones and upside targets first placed at 41500 and a sustenance there can lead towards 43000 zones soon.

Option Strategy for Nifty Bank monthly expiry:

Hort Strangle: Sell 39500PE and Sell 43000CE.

Notes: Selling of alternatives is a completely complicated and excessive danger and advantage scenario. Sectors probable to outperform on this collection could be banking, monetary services, pharma, realty, oil & gas, auto, metals, even as weak spot looms over technology.



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